Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer [BREAK]


Summer is just so busy that I seem to not have time to blog! But I promise I will be back soon!

Come August when I move to Clemson I plan on posting every day or at least every other but right now I am just working every day of the week and come the weekends I am just simply laying at the beach, pool or in the river. 

There have been days this summer I have went without even opening my computer...and it's actually kind of nice.

But until August I might just throw in a post or two to keep in touch and so everyone knows I am alive :)


P.S. Even though I am not posting, I am still reading everyone's blog..I would hate to be completely out of the loop :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Nuts About Navy

As the time rolls on, it is getting closer to move into my apartment!

 (the countdown has started!!)

 Right now me and Lanie (my best friend/roommate) have the basic furniture like couches and that type of thing. But we haven't got the decorative pillows, curtains, or rugs which is going to be so fun to pick out!!

Lately, I have been obsessed with navy! It's just so soothing and calming, which I think is how we want our apartment to feel.

And enter Pintrest again!!

Here are a few living rooms I found and feel in love with that have navy!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Friday! Also Great News!!

Hello and Happy Friday!!

I am so excited this morning because for those who are new followers and/or don't know, I am a Stella & Dot Stylist! I started back in March, and it was by far the best thing I have ever done. And what's funny is I signed up because I kept seeing their jewelry "blogosphere" and I went online to buy a few pieces that I HAD to have since I felt like everyone in the world had them... but I had no I idea you could sell it and make it a business! I signed up without thinking twice and I am so shocked at how easy and fun it is to make money!

(I already sound like a car salesman and I am so sorry if I do, I just love Stella & Dot so much I want to spread the word about it and I apologize if I sound pushy!!)
Anyways, I wish someone would have told me about this earlier because it is so great. So that is what I am doing today! 

 Every month they offer specials and June is by far the best yet!

For the hostess:
If you host a party you are able to receive an extra $50 in free jewelry!! With half the line being under $50, that's easily one or two pieces of jewelry for free!

For new Stylist:
If you sign up to become a new Stella and Dot hostess there are so many perks and bonuses!! For every 2 Jumpstart Eligible* Trunk Shows in June, receive $150 in Product Credits (hello, free jewelry!!). Also earn an unlimited amount of Product Credits!  For every new Stylist you sponsor in June who goes on to earn a Book/Sell Award, earn $300 in Product Credits. One bonus per new Stylist, unlimited number of Stylists. 

It’s $199 to sign up, and you’ll receive $350 in free jewelry to get your display started, plus free marketing materials and training. You can purchase additional styles at 50% off – most new Stylists invest another $400 to $500, but you really don't have to. Here’s the best part – you’ll earn your investment back after about two Trunk Shows, and become profitable right away! It's so great!! 

*Eligible Trunk Show is trunk show with 4 unique orders that total a minimum of $300

Please see my site here if you have any questions

Also please email at if you are interested in signing up are want to host a online trunk show to earn free jewelry! 

I promise I am not getting any incentives or anything by posting this, I just wanted everyone to know about it since it has been so great for me!

Have a great weekend everyone!