Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

 It takes everything I have to type this because my arms are SO sore because I motivated myself to go to a cardio class and body blitz class last night...I am paying for it today to say the least.

Lately I haven't been taking many pictures with my phone but here are a few that I took over the holiday weekend.

Because of this

The weather wasn't the best for going to the beach, but I did manage to squeeze some sunshine in!

Then the rest of my pictures are of food...
(that's why I went to the cardio class last night!!!)

Fish & shrimp taco's for Nippys 

Oh and I found the best kept secret of all times! We ate lunch at Atlanta Bread Co. over the weekend and I was so obsessed with the bread my sandwich came with. I kept saying I wish we could  buy this buy the loaf. Well a lady who works there over heard me ranting and raving about how good it was she said we sell it by the loaf if you are interested!

The best was less than $4.00! It cost just as much as a regular loaf of wheat bread from the store...unfortunately the ATL Bread Co. is an hour away but if I am ever over there again I will be picking up another loaf!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend!! Yay! I work until 12:30 today, then I am having lunch with my mom, and my plans end there. I want to be a lazy cucumber and just be able to catch up on reading, tanning, and anything/everything else.

This is what Michael did yesterday

He got up at 2:15 A.M to go to the Gulfstream to fish offshore...his MD weekend started early!

Unfortunately I just checked the weather and it is not looking too good. I think I over heard there's another tropical depression off shore...but maybe that will pass by Saturday and leave Sunday and Monday for tanning!!

This would be my Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday wardrobe, if the weather cooperates

swim suits

Melissa Odabash bandeau swimwear
$185 -

Heidi Klein bikini swimwear
$131 -

Ruffle bathing suit
€22 -

Miso bandeau swimwear
£20 -

Bandeau bikini
£15 -

TOMS white sunglasses
$139 -

Miss Selfridge oversized floppy hat
$38 -

Oasis trilby hat
$27 -

H&M retro sunglasses
£4.99 -

 Let's keep are fingers crossed!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend or is it time just to relax and catch up like me?


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How the Options are Endless with Chambray

Lately I have been obsessed with chambray.

Honestly it has to be the most versatile fabric.

Wear it with:





Layer under

Layer over

 I mean the options are endless.

Over the weekend I bought a pair of chambray shorts and I am dying to wear them! (Too bad shorts are not in the dress code at work, now I have to wait till the weekend!!!)

Here is how I would wear it


Becca Cosmetics tee dress
$35 -

Blue top
$20 -

J.Crew chino shorts
$45 -

Call it SPRING turquoise wedge
£40 -

Shoulder bag

Soft leather handbag
£1,550 -

Banana Republic pink necklace
$70 -

Banana Republic aqua jewelry
$45 -

Ray-Ban retro sunglasses
$140 -

 Do you love  chambray? How do you wear it?!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

 Happy Monday! I hope everyone is having a great week planned ahead, mine looks like work, work and more work :)

This weekend was pretty picture-less and unproductive.

Friday afternoon my mom and I got lunch downtown at a local restaurant called Nippys. It is such a laid back atmosphere and such a great place to go in the summer time. All the tables are outside under a cabana and they are known for their Thursday night corn hole tournaments! 

(for those who don't know what corn hole is, read here)

Also they are known for their shrimp and fish tacos!

Ahhh, so good. My mouth is watering looking at this picture. And I am not a a huge french fry fan..but I swear these are the best fries that anyone will ever eat. They are crispy and skinny little things! Yummy!

Saturday the weather was kind of crummy. I planned on going to the beach and this was the forecast:

So no beach for me. So what does any girl do?! 


I picked up some much needed shorts from the Tanger Outlets, as well as a few other pieces, like this skirt I wore today:

I found it at Target for like $18! Such a steal! You can't really see the flats I am wearing, but they were only $15! I couldn't believe the deals I was running into!

The pictures from the wedding are finally posted, and I went through for about 40 mins and picked out 50 of my favorite (yes I was going to post 50 pictures), I go to upload them and Blogger says error for EVERY picture! So annoying!

As soon as I figure out how to get them on here I will be posting them ASAP!

Does anyone have any fun plans this week?!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Product Review!

 It's almost Friday! I have absolutely no plans thus far and I love it! My last few weekends have been so low key that it is nice to just enjoy each day and not have any plans :)

But lately I have been trying new products and I figured I would do a review on them! 

A few months back I did a post about my skin care regime which was all Clinque and E'stee Lauder. Well a good family friend sells Mary Kay and she swore that if  I switched I wouldn't regret it.

In my mind a product that is $50 will work better than a $12 product so I was a little hesitant to start, plus my face is sensitive when switching products so I really didn't want to.

But I did

Enter my new skin care routine :

 I use the Velocity cleanser, toner, and moisturizer twice daily. The Velocity line is great for oily skin and for acne prone skin. 

Second from the right is the mask I use three times a week. Because I didn't wear sunscreen for my entire high school and partial college life (and went to the tanning bed) I am starting to get hyper pigmentation already. Not good, this mask however basically bleaches any discoloration out.

I absolutely LOVE this entire collection. I have used it now for over a month, just to make sure I loved it! What is great is everything costs about $50, whereas before I was paying that for one cleanser. So I highly recommend it! You can find it HERE!

I also switched to this new L'Oreal shampoo after getting my hair highlighted about a month ago!

I will never use shampoo that is not sulfate free again. It makes such a difference with my hair. It feels and looks so much softer. Also I feel that my hair has more volume. Love, love, love!

After I get out of the shower I add a dime size amount of Moroccan Oil to the strands of my hair, mostly focusing on the last 4 inches or so.

The smell is absolutely amazing, and it has done wonders for my hair! 

E'stee Lauder eyeliner. 
#1 eyeliner ever.

As you can see, the Double Wear in black is almost gone :( It is my favorite because it stays on ALL day and does not wear off. Also it applies so smooth and clean that it leaves a flawless line every time! 

Last but not least is L'Oreal nail polish

Honestly, not in love. I bought it because originally they are $5.99. But Walgreens had them buy one, get one 50% off. So I thought I would give it a try and bought these four. Tip to remember: the cosmetics counter at Walgreens ALWAYS has coupons for different products. I asked if she did for L'Oreal and she said of course! I she used 4 $2 off coupons which took $8 off the already B1G1 so I was excited.

However  I will say I was in a rush and didn't use a bottom nor a top coat, and it is already chipping. So I can't really say anything too too bad because I am sure that is my fault. But I thought the coats went on so thin..I could of almost used three coats of just the color because it was streak-y and see through in places.

Happy almost Friday!!!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bachelorette

Hello darlings!

Did everyone watch The Bachelorette last night!? I know that EVERYONE is talking about it in the blog-sphere, so I figured I mine as well put my input in as well :)

I am so nervous for Emily to tell you the truth, she really is so serious about finding love..and her odds aren't too good seeing that only like 3 of the couples who got engaged on the show are still together today.

But I will be hopeful! I just wish they had a better group of guys, here's just a few of the "odd balls"

Bless her heart, but even though their are some guys that are a tad strange, I hope she can find someone! I have never seen such random enterances, but I guess love makes you do crazy things!? 
I was rooting for Doug as soon as he said he had a son back home... I think they kinda clicked, then he gets a first impression rose, so I am definitely rooting for him!

Who are you hoping goes home with the final rose?!