Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer [BREAK]


Summer is just so busy that I seem to not have time to blog! But I promise I will be back soon!

Come August when I move to Clemson I plan on posting every day or at least every other but right now I am just working every day of the week and come the weekends I am just simply laying at the beach, pool or in the river. 

There have been days this summer I have went without even opening my computer...and it's actually kind of nice.

But until August I might just throw in a post or two to keep in touch and so everyone knows I am alive :)


P.S. Even though I am not posting, I am still reading everyone's blog..I would hate to be completely out of the loop :)


Carlota P said...

hey! your blog is so cute and chic! ;)
About your last entry, I think navy blue gives your room a very nice and peaceful style :) don't you think?
We can follow each other, take a look in my blog and if u also like, please Just follow me and I'll follow you back! I swear!

Clare C. Whitaker said...

Enjoy your break, you deserve some rest and relaxation this summer...especially before college! Darling blog, happy I came across it! Have a great week!!

Twirling Clare

Bubble My Licorice said...

I love your blog :)
It's amazing!!