Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY chevron striped painting & head board fabric

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather here was kind of icky so I got crafty :)
I feel like my blog is taking a whole new direction..going more towards DIY projects and home decorating haha. But I am so stuck on this apartment thing so bear with me!

On Saturday I went to Savannah to Joann's Fabric to find what I want to use for my headboard and throw pillows I am going to make 
Here is what I came up with:

The paisley one is the head board, the solids will be pillows. I still have to get another printed fabric to match for other pillows because I had one picked out, however when got to the register and it was over $50 a yard, I changed my mine! I will buy a $50 pillow before I make one..obviously quality would be a tad nicer ;)

 So Sunday I decided our apartment will need some chevron striped paintings. I already had all the supplies (canvas, paints and brushes) so I just laid down some newspaper and started at it. At first I was going to free hand the stripes, but I knew that there had to be a technique of some sort so here is how to do it!!

It was hard for me to find a tutorial so I just winged it and it worked!
(I forgot to take pictures as I was going so I will do it on a piece of paper!!)

Step 1: Get supplies to draw the stripes. Canvas (paper), pencil and ruler

Step 2: Draw horizontal lines, mine are about 2 inches wide since you can barley see them

Step 3: Draw vertical lines to make a "checker board" pattern

Step 4: Start to draw the vertical lines.

Each row needs to start the same way as you can see below.  So if you start from the top left to bottom right, do the same on the second, third, etc rows.

This is what it should look like when you are done

Step 5: Erase all horizontal and vertical lines. Leave only the diagonal lines.

After erasing all lines except the diagonal ones, your chevron stripes are left! 

Here's what my actual paintings looked like!

Ta-da! So simply chic! :D (hehehe) 

Is anyone as obsessed with chevron stripes?


Friday, February 24, 2012

Camel Leather


I am currently cozied up on the couch in my favorite sweats and tee shirt with a belly full of thin crust pizza, listening to the rain and watching TV. Today the weather has been super scary with tornado watches/warnings and severe weather alerts.

Today I bought a set of dishes and glass ware for the apartment. My original plan was to find a comforter but nothing just jumped at me and said "buy me Mak!" So I bought stuff for the kitchen instead. I absolutely love cooking and baking, so I was just as content with buying kitchen goods instead of my comforter.


After lugging my gray and gold purse around today, I decided I need a new one since it should start warming up for spring here shortly! The gray is just too winter-ty and with it being in the upper 70's it is time to make a purchase! I believe I am set on it being camel leather, but who knows what I'll end up with since I am so indecisive!

Here are a few I have my eye's on:

Camel Totes

Tory Burch tote handbag
$250 -

Dooney Bourke satchel handbag
$178 -

Dooney Bourke tote hand bag
$225 -

Armani Jeans tan handbag
$220 -

Miss Sixty croc bag
$159 -

Lauren Ralph Lauren ralph lauren bag
$209 -

Satchel bag
$81 -

 Too obsessed right now!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bedding Confusion

Hope everyone is having a great week so far, it is just flying by for me. Today the weather is going to be so nice, too bad I will be stuck in an office and class all day, but hey..I will not complain :)

Well today is so exciting because I am putting a deposit down on a cute two bedroom apartment with my best friend, Lanie in Clemson for next semester!! I am so excited because everything is falling together so perfectly and I feel transferring is my next best step.

This apartment stuff has me wanting to skip class to go shopping for home goods! Thank gosh for Pintrest, I have got so many ideas that I want to try. Such as a DIY headboard!! Here are a few pictures I found that I want to steal different ideas from each and maybe throw it all together to make my room!

 Chevron stripes are a must. I think making the headboard in the material will be too much, so I like adding it to a throw pillow! Also I love the pink, orange, gray and white all together!
 Definitely getting two shams monogrammed!

 I love the blues and grays. Very relaxing and soothing which is just what I was looking to do. But somehow I do want to add some color that way it's not borderline depressing.

 I love the shape of this headboard! The mustard yellow is a tad on the bold side for a smaller room.

 I love the look of this room too. Once again chevron stripes, but shams AND a comforter are a bit much and I think I would be dizzy/get tired of seeing that many stripes. I love the end table and lamp! Too cute!

So now I am in a rut because I can't buy the fabric for the headboard until I buy a comforter to match it to. And I can't decide on a comforter because I am so indecisive and I don't know the color scheme I want to use for the room. 

I know the bedroom is a tad small so I don't want anything too bold to make it feel claustrophobic, so I am thinking more lighter and soothing colors. This weekend I might try to find a comforter just to get the ball rolling even though I have over 6 months till I move in :)

So in 6 months I will post pictures of my new room! I sure y'all are just dying and cannot wait! (hehe)

So off to do some comforter online research! If anyone knows of a super cute comforter let me know :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Countdown to Spring Break

My spring break is less than two weeks away!! I have absolutely no plans thus far which is great because I have been so busy lately. Relaxation is just what I need :)

I live in South Carolina on the coast, so yes we have had much a mild winter so far! But it definitely needs to get in the upper 70's or 80's for this girl to get in a bathing suit. I am such a wimp when it comes to the cold

So let's say it will warm up, here is my Spring Break 2012 inspiration/polyvore:

Spring Break
I am so in love with the dark blue lace bathing suit, it's so darling.

So do you have any SB plans?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I am back again!!

Hello lovelies!

Well...I could bore you with excuses for not posting in two weeks, but I will save the excuses and promise not to do it again. I just think I have been so overwhelmed lately, I honestly forgot I even had a blog.

But I am here now.


I honestly don't even remember what I have done two weeks ago, but last weekend I go to Asheville, NC for my boyfriends brother's finance's  bachlorette weekend. I have never been to downtown Asheville before but I loved it! It had such a hipster, relaxing vibe to the city and it was so fun!

I only have one picture so far because the girls haven't uploaded all the other pictures yet but here is all of us girls that went:

Oh! I learned something very interesting too! About 3 weeks ago I went to get a facial, it was my first one and now I am obsessed and probably will go once a month. But the first thing she did was measure the moisture of skin on my face, she said 65 is normal/ideal of where your skin should be.

I immediately told her that my face is super oily so it will be like 100 or 200. was 35. Turns out if you have oily skin it doesn't mean your skin is hydrated. Long story short I told her that I use St. Ives apricot scrub twice a day because I love how it feels like it scrubs the oils/dirt/etc from my pores. She told me that is the worst possible face wash to use because it stripes all the healthy oils that your skin uses.

I swore by St. Ives, so I was like okay so I need a new skin routine. I didn't use a moisturizer, didn't take my make-up off before washing my face, and used St. Ives twice a day. 

So enter my new skin routine thanks to the ladies at the Estee Lauder and Clinique counter:

Step 1: Estee Lauder- Take it away makeup remover

This is such as gentle lotion that takes makeup off so easily. A little goes a long way, so one little pump on a cotton ball is all you need! If you don't take your makeup off before washing your face, it's like taking a shower with your clothes on. Highly recommend this product!

Step 2: Face wash (that is not a scrub) Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean

This is a cream face wash and smells so good! My face feels so silky and clean when I use this product. It is not a harsh scrub, like St. Ives, so my face appreciates this little cleanser!

Step 3: Clinique Clarifying lotion (toner)

Here's what Clinique says about this product: Helps clear away pollution, excess oil, dulling flakes for clear, glowing skin. Helps block a blemish. Purifies pores to look cleaner, smaller. Skin grows stronger, stays clearer, healthier. Dermatologist-reformulated to be comfortable, non-drying.  
Love it! I have been using this product for about a year now, but I just added it to my new routine!

Step 4: Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel

They recommended this moisturizer because it's a light formula that adds just enough moisture without feeling like an oil slick. It is scent free, so it doesn't have an awkward smell and a little squirt goes a long way. What's even better is that is is less than $20!!

And wah-la, two weeks later I have noticed a difference. My face is not as oily and is much clearer. With me going to to the gym every day, my skin is usually prone to small breakouts but that has dramatically decreased!

Oh and I also bought Clinique City block with SPF 25. When getting my facial, I was told I have hyper-pigmentation from the sun and I needed to wear sunscreen on my face everyday. So Clinique had the perfect product.

Here is what they say about it:

Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25/40
What it is:
A lightweight daily moisturizer that provides a high level of protection against sun and environmental damage.

What it is formulated to do:
This daily screen provides remarkable protection against both sun and environmental damage. Its sheer, weightless formula includes broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun-blocking ingredients and antioxidants. Perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive, this product can be worn alone or as an invisible makeup primer.

 I wear it alone so I cut out my foundation, and it adds just enough coverage! This is by far the best makeup product I have purchased and it too was under $20! Highly Recommend it!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend via iPhone (again!)

 Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I ate enough food in the last three days that could probably keep me full till Thursday. As much as I wanted to set snooze at 6am this morning, I forced myself to get out of bed.

Luckliy I did because I had such as a great workout! Any who, here's some pictures that I captured in the last three days:

 Finally my case came in from Lipstickshades! Love it, it's not as big and bulky as most covers which is great!

Saturday the weather was absolutely fantastic: It got to about 78 degrees! So of course I laid out my the pool and finished my book!


The sky was so blue and beautiful! When I got done, I was feeling very summer-y and made a berry smoothie!

 Saturday night we hibachi at the best Hibachi restaurant in Savannah.

Hibachi's are always fun and exciting!

 Superbowl Sunday was filled with great family, friends, and food!
Here is the view of the sunset right at kick off! It's a tad blurry because I turned to watch the kick and moved the camera :S for some reason I didn't take another picture

 Here's some of the goodies:

 (football shaped rice-krispies)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

BB Cream

B.B. cream—short for "blemish balm" or "beauty balm" 

Heard of it?

While driving back from Clemson this weekend, I had time to catch up on my magazine's and found out about this product that I am now dying to try.

Here is what I found online about it:

"BB creams come in a variety of different formulations and qualities. Some have skin whitening or brightening properties. Others are said to be anti-acne or anti-wrinkle, some are intended to even out skin tone, and yet others to lighten blemish scars. BB creams are sometimes used like a primer under foundation, and if tinted may supposedly replace foundation and some newer ones are advertised as having functions of primer, foundation, moisturizer, sun block, pore minimization and skin refining together, making them an economic skin care solution."

I found a few and they all come in right under $40!


Here is what Clinque says about there product: This instant morning routine gives skin just about everything it needs for a quick start. SPF protection, antioxidants for prevention, plus enough coverage to banish imperfections. The perfect primer, too.

Estee Lauder's All at once. Moisture, protection and flawless perfection.

Plus the most effective anti-oxidant power ever.*

This lightweight creme delivers:

  • An instant, even-toned, healthy look.
  • Powerful protection with our proven Super Anti-Oxidant Complex and SPF 35.
  • High-performance, oil-free hydration.
  • Helps to control excess surface oil.
  • Available in 2 shades to suit a wide range of skintones.


This B.B. Cream by Boscia creates a lustrous, flawless finish as it hydrates, firms and soothes the skin. Helps diminish the appearance of pores, fine lines and uneven skintone while providing long-wearing, natural coverage that conceals imperfections.



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Loving Lace & Mint

How's everyone's week so far? Mine is crazy per it's usual..hence why it's before 6:30 am and I am typing this while eating my Kashi cereal because it's the only free time I have.

I got my inspiration for this post from Pintrest.

I keep seeing lace everywhere and I can't help but fall in love. It's so elegant and classy.

Lace can be added to almost every outfit because it's so versatile! Love it! 

Also I love mint! This color is so fresh and clean and just screams spring. Speaking of spring, I walked out to my car from class yesterday and I had pollen on my car!!! :D 
Spring is right around the corner!