Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tigertown Weekend Recap

 Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of my posting last week. With it being my birthday week there was so much going on that time slipped away from me.

This weekend Michael and I drove to Clemson to visit with some friends! Here is my weekend though my iPhone pictures.

 Saturday we went for a 6 mile hike at Table Rock! It was so beautiful

 I highly recommend going here because there are so many different trails that suite everyone's level and they are realitively easy to navagate.

 As soon as we finished, we were dying of starvation becuase it was like 4:30 and we didn't eat before we left. Since we were so desperate we stopped at the best mexican resturant for chips and dip just to put food in our bellies! (Salsa and guac obviously doesn't photograph well!! haha)

Guacamole has never tasted so good!
Here is an OOTD:

 LOFT blouse, A&E jeans, MK riding boots, and MK watch.

(Side note, LOFT was having such a great deal this past week, highly recommend to check it out)

Here's the rest:

My friends who I stayed with surprised me on Friday when I walked into the apartment with balloons and cake! 

It was such a great weekend spent with the best people. I am so blessed to have the people I do in my life!
 Did everyone else have a great weekend?


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two things :D

Today's post is short and sweet

1. I found out today I got accepted into Clemson!!!!

:D !!!!!!

2. Tomorrow is my birthday!!!!

A more detailed post of the two to come soon!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Rambling's

Hello lovelies!

This is such an exciting week because it's the last few days I will spend in my teenage years! My 20th birthday is on Wednesday and it cannot come any faster :)

This weekend I plan on going up to Clemson to celebrate with a few of my closest friends that go to school there and I am dying for Friday to roll around.

But today's post is going to be a tad random since I have paper's to write, power points to design and problems to solve (boo)

On first note I am shocked..well sort of..that Kristen Cavallari announced she is prego! I mean I feel that everyone these day's are just popping babies out like it's no big deal. But I hope this will calm down her wild party days and she can settle down a tad.

I bet there will be a wedding before too long :)


Also I love putting prints together that don't necesarily match but yet still go together, mix matching different materials and wearing bold patterns. I got a little Pintrest happy last night and added about 100+ pins for inspiration. Now I want to go on a major shopping spree and update my wardrobe because I found the cutest things and feel like I have to have them!

Here are a few pins I found via Pintrest

Hope everyone had a wonderful start to a new week!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Summer Blues

It's about this time every year that I start looking at bathing suits, try to wear a more summer-ish color palette in my wardrobe, and start tanning at the salon. However this year I have told myself that I am not ever stepping foot into a tanning bed ever again just because of the harsh effects it will have on my skin later on in life.

 (I'd rather be a tad pale now versus having leathery dry skin later)
So this summer kick has got me online shopping and my newest obsession is Haute Look.


I wish I knew about this sooner!

OMG this site is the best and let me warn you, it can be a tidbit dangerous to your pocket book! Every day new designers open their line at 11:00 EST, (8:00 in Cali) and since I downloaded the app (highly recommended) it will notify me of the new "events" opening that day exactly at 11 so I don't miss convenient?!?

Each day there is a different deal of the day and I highly advise to get on at exactly 11:00 because items get sold out so fast as well as new "events!" The prices are so cheap too, they basically are giving designer clothes away.

What is great is that the sizing is pretty acurate but if it doesn't fit you, returns are free and super easy!

After I bought my first dress I was so excited! The next day I looked and found a maxi dress (can't find the pictures of all these items I bought because the event closed but when they come in I shall take a picture!!!) and went to go pay and it had my credit card saved already so literally it was two clicks and it was sold and shipped! No trying to get my card out of my wallet, typing in all those numbers, it was already there.

Lot's of damage can be done, just a warning. It's so hard because everything is just so darn cute
Not to mention on my iPhone, a few taps and ordered! Too easy :)

So that leads me to my newest obsession is maxi skirts.

I am dying to find the perfect one that's casual but still chic. Here are a few I found:

There is just something about how causal they look but can be so easily dressed up.
Is anyone else dying for summer yet?


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Makeup Bag Must Haves

Phew, does anyone else think this week has just flown by?

Today was my lunch to celebrate my birthday at work (my birthday is next week but we decided this week would be best to go). We went to Wren Bistro, Bar & Market. It was so delicious, I had the southwestern salad and it was to die for! Also they brought the table one of every dessert and of course I had to sample them all..after all it is my birthday!! My favorite was the pecan pie and espresso mousse :)


So I was pondering what to post about today while doing my make-up and it just kind of hit me! Do a post on what all girls must have in their makeup bags!

So here is what I came up with:

1. First of all having a cute bag makes all the difference in the world. ShopBop has some the cutest bags!

 2. Set of good brushes. I personally use Estee Lauder brushes and always have since about 7th grade when my mom finally let me wear makeup.

Tip for those who apply foundation with a triangle sponge or fingers: The 4th brush in from the left is a foundation brush and I believe every girl needs one. You would be amazed how much foundation a sponge soaks up/wastes and how much nasty stuff gets into your pores when applying foundation with your hands. This brush applies foundation smoothly without wasting a whole bunch of foundation..and when a bottle of foundation cost $50-$70 bucks it adds up. So spend the money on  a good brush set!! (Just the foundation brush from EL is about $32 or so)

3. Mascara. I don't know one girl that leaves the house without it. I know I sure don't. I personally use two different kinds.

First I apply my Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara for volume and to make them thicker.

Then I add Neutrogena Healthy Lengths to make them longer

By far the best combination and it makes my lashes look about x3 times longer!! 

4. Q-Tips!!!! I always get my mascara underneath my eye or on top of my eye lid. Keeping Q-Tips is a must for boo-boo's and uh-oh's. 

5. A great concealer. Every now and then when some of us one of those pest-y pimples, it is necessary to have a concealer that matches your skin tone. In the winter do note to buy a shade lighter, don't try to use the same summer shade because it will be too dark and will be more noticeable then trying not to cover your pimple (and vice-verse for summer..don't wear too light)

6. A palette of eye shadows. Having a palette is so much better than having 20 different colors in separate little containers. Depending on my outfit, time of the day, etc depends on my eye shadow. By having one palette that has all the colors in one spot makes it so much easier and saves space in the makeup bag!(and I don't mean the ones that are like 2ft x 2ft that have like 200 different colors..I mean who actually uses all those??)

What must haves do you keep in your bag??