Friday, November 30, 2012

Time Flies

Is anyone completely shocked that tomorrow is Decemeber?

Where did the time go this year?!

Being in my college apartment we have minimal Christmas decorations consisting of a fake Christmas tree, lights on our porch, and our stockings hung. My roommate and I do plan on making it more festive because we are holding a gift exchange next week at our apartment! I think because of our lack of decorations, it really doesn't feel like Christmas. But I know as soon as I get home and walk through the front door and smell that Frazier-fir , it will instantly feel like Christmas time! I cannot wait to go home!

I hope everyone watched the annual lighting of the tree in NYC on Wednesday! I am so jealous of one of my best friends because she flew up there on Wednesday and got to see it being lit! I am determined to do that at some point in my life!!

Here are a few pictures via Pintrest to get everyone (including myself) into the holiday spirit!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Erin said...

The tree lighting area is a mad house here. I don't go anywhere near it haha

Caitlin C. said...

I loveee decorating for Christmas! It will definitely help get you in the holiday spirit :)