Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Current Favorites

I don't know about y'all but this week has been absolutely crazy! No matter how much time I spend studying and reading I feel like I can't catch up! Spring Break needs to get here ASAP.

I figured today's post I would do my current faves!!

Current Faves 1

 1. Sumptuous Extreme Mascara by Estee Lauder is the best mascara out there, hands down. I swear I have tried almost every mascara out there and this is my all time favorite! I layer my mascaras and this is the one I apply first. It makes your lashes look beyond amazing. It really makes your lashes look longer and the best part is how it's not too liquid-y or clump-y like some mascaras can be. I then add a second layer of a different mascara to make them look thicker and have more volume! 

2.  RB4125 - 710/51 | CATS 5000  Ray Ban sunglasses. I need a new pair of sunglasses before our cruise because I somehow managed to break mine two weeks ago. I pulled them out of my bookbag and the arm was broke off. So sad. I have had my eye on these beauties since the fall and I am so obessed with them!

3. Gilded brocade top from J. Crew. I absolutely love this top! Now that pistachio is a "it" color this spring (I love how basically last summer it was mint and now it's pistachio...same color, different name), this top is so perfect! 

4. Thora flip flop from Tory Burch is the most PERFECT sandal for summer/cruise. I will consider this to be a need and not a want because there really isn't a more perfect flip flop. I think this will be my next purchase (along with the sunglasses because hello, I can't manage without a pair!)

5. Caroline Burlap Logo Ballerina Flat  These are great Reva's for the spring!  I love the burlap and the camel leather together! I have the black and gold Reva's but I don't have a pair with camel leather and I love these so much more than the basic camel leather.

6.Classic Wide Bangle
This bangle is so perfect for summer! However before I buy it I need to try it on because I have small wrist and it's so hard to find bangles that don't slide off and look super awkward on my little wrist. I am falling way into in love with all of J. Crew's new Spring jewelry line.  
7. Crinkle city mini  I feel like everyone has this skirt in at least 2 different colors it seems like. They are the best skirts EVER. In the summer it makes for the most easy outfit to put together because you can throw on any sort of top, this skirt and jacks and be out the door in 5.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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Great picks of casual footwear..!!

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