Monday, February 18, 2013

Spring Break- where are you?

Hello lovelies!

Guess who's finally back and getting back into the blogging loop?!

Now that I am settling into my routine with school (only took two months) and everything else, I finally think I am able to pick up blogging again and I am so excited!

Since I stopped blogging, my friends and I booked a cruise for Spring Break!! The countdown is 28 days, and with this horrible winter weather  I can't think of anything else but tanning in the Caribbean. In exactly one month from today we will be boarding the ship in Florida, and saying that I can't wait is an understatement


Now that I am craving the sunshine more than ever, I am going to bundle up in ten different layers before heading to the gym since it's 40 degrees outside!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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