Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Break Essentials

Well it's currently 3:30 a.m and I technically should be studying for my exam I have tomorrow...but instead I am blogging. I am using this time to let my brain soak in 11 chapters of nutrition that I crammed into my brain in the last 9 hours! 

All that is getting me through these next two weeks is knowing that I will be leaving for a cruise in 17 days!!! I know, I know I keep doing posts about Spring Break..but honestly it's the only thing on my mind lately.

I put together Spring Break essentials that every girl needs to take with her to the beach to soak up that amazing sun that our bodies have been craving all winter long or even to carry to the pool where cabana boys will be waiting on you hand-and-foot ;)

Spring Break Essentials

Beach dress / Victoria's Secret bandeau bikini / Victoria's Secret victoria s secret bikini / Tory Burch / Scout tote bag / Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses / Lucky Brand hat / Vineyard Vines colorful hat / Burt's Bees burt s bee, $5.59 / Lavanila / Le tan, $23 / ONE by Maslin Zebra Hide Beach Towel

First things first. Every girl needs at least one new bikini for SB. I mean we have been working our booties off the in the gym since January, so what better way to show off that hot bod than in a new suit?! Victoria's Secret  Lilly Pullitzer  J. Crew all have such cute bikinis this Spring! (and you obviously can't go wrong with a low cost bikini from Target!)

A tunic or some sort of coverup that is easy to take on and off, but at the same time looks put together and is picture appropriate (because we all know that with Spring Break comes about a million and one pictures!!) So try to veer away wearing basic T-shirts and Norts as a coverup.. we wear plenty of those throughout the week days anyways, go for something a little more chic!

Also a great pair of flip flops are needed!! I know I blogged about these Tory Burch sandals in my last post, but I am so obsessed with them! I have them saved in my ShopBop cart online, I am just waiting a few days to see if I am still in love with them before purchasing them (which I more than likely just makes me feel better if I sit on it for a little bit instead of making an impulse purchase per my normal!)

Wearing a hat can do one of many things. Wether it's tame your hair from the salty breeze, keep your face shaded from the sun, or you're wearing a fedora just because it looks so cute with your binkini..whatever the reason--a hat is an absolute must for your SB bag! 

Let's start with the bagScout makes the BEST beach bags in the world. They are so easy to dust the sand off after a day at the beach or rinse off anything that spilled in/on the bag, that you can't go wrong! They come is so many different colors, styles, sizes, etc. (it's slightly overwheleming and I am so indecisive that I struggled to decide on which bag to get!!)

Whichever tote you decide to carry with you HAS to have sunscreen, chap stick with SPF, sunglasses, a beach towel (or two!!) and the latest Instyle, Cosmo, and Glamour! Once all those essiestial items are packed, you are all set to soak up as much of that sun that our bodies have been dying to get since the end of summer!

What else do you carry in your bag to the beach or pool?




Sunglasses in India said...

Great Picks.. Loved that goggles for men..

Tunics for woman said...

Nice collection of tunics for women!!!

Fashion Boutique said...

I wish you had few designer Indian wear in the collection.. Anyway.. Awesome picks!

Vivianchou Chou said...

Beautiful collection!

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Margaret said...

Amazing clothes ... I wish it would be warm outside now ... :-)


Sartorial Diner said...

Great picks. These colors and prints are so fun, and perfect for Spring Break! I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’, GFC, or Instagram! Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back!

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