Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day in a Nut Shell

Hello to all! 

I don't know about everyone, but this weather has me all cheery! I hope it stays nice for the weekend because I will be laying out (bye, bye pale legs) with my new Instyle that I got in the mail yesterday 
For those who have followed from the beginning, I do a post highlighting my favorite finds each issue. Whether it's a new trend, a certain purse, or new product I want to try. So look for that to come!

Today I went to lunch at my favorite restaurant in town, Panini's
It is located right downtown on the waterfront and they have the best pizza, pastas and salads.

Today I had the Mediterranean pizza. It was topped with mushrooms, olives, artichokes, and roasted red peppers. Ahhh, so yummy :)

After I took a stroll downtown peeked into one of my favorite stores Lulu Burgess 

And what do you know, they were having 10% off on all Hobo! I absolutely love Hobo, so it was perfect! My initial thought was new bag for school and/or a wallet. I need a new wallet really bad, but I couldn't bring myself to break down and just by it on the spot. I need to compare/contrast online, read reviews, and look around before I just buy something.  

(Even though it's just a wallet, haha)

 Then we strolled some more and ended up at this gallery that I had no idea even existed!

Finally I ended my day with buying these guys.

I knew I wanted makeup remover wipes, but I didn't know what brand I wanted from the drug store. I picked up the Neutrogena one's and was checking out when right at the counter were these! For only like $6 for a pack of 2.

I was like well jeeze, for $6 bucks it's worth a shot and if I hate them I can just toss them. I can easily say that I will probably buy them again! They smell so fresh, take my makeup off, and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, granted I have only used it once :) I just couldn't wait to share because of how affordable and great they were!

I have never even heard of this brand and I was kind of hesitant, but I am glad I decided to get them! I keep a pack in my gym bag and a pack in the bathroom.

And that's my day! I am off to go through tub's of clothes and my closet. I am taking a load to the consignment store and goodwill because I still have clothes from middle school. For some reason I have a problem getting rid of clothes and letting them go so I am breaking down and doing once and for all!

Wish me luck



Dale Janeé said...

Yum, that food looks delicious and I really like the the pic of all the handbags. They are such fun colors


Caitlin C. said...

That pizzaaaa.... YUM. And good luck with getting rid of your clothes!!

Emily Ruth said...

Those cucumber make up wipes are amazing! I bought them on a whim and thought they worked great, plus they smell nice!


westofprep said...

I love that brand of wipes, they're so much more gentle than the Neutrogena ones! The whole brand is pretty good too, I used their moisturizer for a while!

Julye said...

hmmm looks good!! You have a lovely blog ;)

TrueLoveComesOnlyinBoutique said...

really nice photos!!! take a look at my blog, if you want!!! kisses