Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunshine Award

I Got Sunshine!

 Emily at Emily Ruth was sweet enough to pass on the Sunshine Blog Award to me! Please go check out her blog, it is so fun and she always has the best post! This is my first blog award and I am so excited about it!

I was told to answer these questions and pass it on!

Favorite color?
This is always hard for me to answer because I don't have just one favorite color. It evolves and changes with different seasons, trends, etc. For example over winter eggplant, mustard yellow and emerald were my favorite colors. Now that spring has officially sprung I am loving any shade of coral!

Favorite number?
Jeeze, I find out just how boring and indecisive I am when doing these surveys, but I don't really have a favorite number either buttttt I was born on the 25th day of January and it consequently is the 25th today so maybe 25?

Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Water. I am constantly drinking it 24/7. I don't leave my house without my water bottle! And if I do...well I am without water but my body feels weird, tired and not on par when I am not keeping my body replenished and hydrated.

Facebook or Twitter?
Hm, both?! I barely post anything on either one..I kinda just use them to keep updated with everyone :)
My routine when I get on my computer: Check my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and routinely check them in this order throughout the day. Inserting Pinterest in the evenings! I spend more time blogging than anything so I will pick blogger (even though that's not an option)

My passion? 
My passion is to feel comfortable in my own body and help others feel the same way too. It is so tiring worrying about calories and all that nonsense. I just want to be able to put on a bathing suit and actually feel comfortable in one. So many girls worry constantly about what they look like, what they are eating and it can get out of control and turn into an eating disorder so fast.

Favorite animal?

Possibly this girafee

or maybe the llama?

Or even the little piggy?

Getting or giving presents?

I love finding that perfect for somebody. A lot of times if I am shopping and I see something that reminds me of a particular person I will buy and hold it till either their birthday or Christmas. So I would say giving, but who doesn't love receiving a gift every now and then?!

Favorite flower?



(hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!)


EmCain said...

found you through Emily's blog :) Newest follower, excited to read along :)

Emily Ruth said...

haha love your favorite animals! every time I see llamas I think of the Emperor's New Groove.