Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Fever

 Is anyone else getting spring fever yet? 

Gah, I am dying over here. I just want to have a glowing tan, don't have to worry if I'll need a jacket before leaving the house, and buy summer clothes.

However, I am not shopping for shorts, bathing suit, etc until I get a base tan. My pale legs just don't look good in shorts so I will not bother to shop until it warms up.

Yesterday was filled with three of my favorite things. Shopping, frozen yogurt, and cupcakes.

(the cupcake is in the little green box) 

I got strawberry cream from Gigi's cupcake in Savannah, GA because the berries were so fresh and spring-y!! :)

Here's a few items I have my eye to buy this spring. 

The scalloped hem is to die for

Reversible bubble necklace



Emily Ruth said...

LOVE gigi's cupcakes! they're so yummy!

Jess {The In-Between} said...

I saw that swim suit too. Obsessed. If only I could wear that style of

Sarah said...

Cute blog!! I've got Spring Fever in a bad way right now too!! I love those shorts!! Happy Friday :)

Maddie said...

Love those shorts!! I'm going to LA this weekend so they would be perfect since it's 80 there. Thanks for following!

Kalancea said...

sweet blog!!!