Monday, August 13, 2012

Fresh Start & New Beginnings

Hello all! I am blogging from my new apartment for the first time!!! 

The last week has been an roller-coaster of events and emotions. Leaving my family and friends is always so tough. When I went to College of Charleston my freshman year, it was only an hour and a half from my house so I didn't feel too far from home. Now I'm four and half hours away and it's such a different feeling. The hardest good bye was to my boyfriend, Michael.

My last night in Beaufort, he surprised me with a sunset cruise on the 1932 Annalee which is a vintage wooden yacht, complete with a captain, wine, flowers, and dinner.

It was the sweetest and most thoughtful surprise. I could not have thought of a better way to spend my last evening in my hometown.

The next morning I began my four hour drive to Clemson to begin my junior year as a transfer! I am rooming with my most best friend Lanie, you can find her blog here. It took two days to get settled, but we finally made it feel like our little home!

(excuse the picture overload)

 (monogram pillows found here)

First dinner I cooked in the new apartment! I was so excited to start cooking because it's something that I find so fun to do. (it's the small things that make me so happy!!)

Lanie and I decided that we will make a menu on Sunday for all the week days so we can plan ahead and eat healthy meals!

Why not throw in two OOTD's :
 please excused the messy room, that was the day before the move and I had bags everywhere and no furniture!

Well I think I have done an overwhelming amount of photos, off to begin the day and get some things cancelled off my LONGGGG to do list!



Erin said...

Your house is adorable! I love your headboard and the stack of books and the lamp. So girly and fun. Good luck at school!

Lauren said...

your apartment is fabulous!!!

...and i have those same jack rogers...adorable :)

Alexis said...

Just came across your blog and am loving it! Your new apartment is adorable, I love your jewelry organization... brilliant!!

xo kelsey said...

Your apartment is sooo adorable!! I love all the personal touches y'all added. Writing down the best TV channels & framing it was such a cute idea :)

Alanna said...

That is such a cute apartment! I LOVE the monogrammed pillows!