Friday, August 31, 2012

Catch Up Post

Happy Friday everyone! I don't know about you, but this has been one crazy week! As you saw in my last post, I am offically a ADPi member! I couldn't be any happier! I just want to say that I did question whether or not going through rush as a junior as was worth it, but I do have to say it was one of the best experiences I have ever been through. For anyone who maybe is a sophmore this year and missed rush but really want to be a part of it, go for it. I did it and I honestly think it's better because at this point you know who you are as a person and what you want out of life. If anyone has any questions about rushing as an upperclassman, please feel free to email me! 


Here are some pictures from bid day:

Also here are the outfits I wore going in order from orientation to pref:

Sorry about the picture overload but I was going through my iPhone and realized there are so many things I have not shared throughout the week!

Like this one: This is Alphie the Lion (ADPi mascot). He was my good luck charm all the way through recriutment and got me through the most crazy week of my life!

But so far today has been a catch up day. I have cleaned my room/apartment, washed my car, did my laundry, laid by the pool and blogged! It's not even 2:00 yet! But boy does it feel good to get everything organized and back to normal!

Anywho, I have no idea my plans for this weekend, I guess it's more of a play-it-by-ear kinda weekend!

Until next time,


EMR said...

AW congratulations!!!!! I love the ADPi girls at my school :)


itsallaboute said...

Yay congrats!!!! You will absolutely love being part of a sorority!!! All of your outfits were super cute!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Congratulations, that is so exciting!

Mrs C said...

Congrats! So many nice outfit and is that your mom? If yes, you girls look so much alike!

MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES DAILY (where fashion and food collide!)

Melissa88Senick said...

Congrats!!! Your style is soooo cute. New follower too. xo.


Brandi @ All Sass and Shag said...

your outfits are adorable & congratulations :)