Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Study Abroad [Oxford England]

Today is such a lazy day for me. I am feeling under the weather and have not moved off this couch...except to eat my grilled cheese and soup. Laying here has me thinking about my plans for this year and I began to think about what I want out of my junior year and making a bucket list. 

Technically, I am suppose to graduate next year...which is so crazy to even consider the thought. But since I transferred this year, I lost quite a few credits plus I am juggling the idea of double majoring. More than likely I'll probably be in college for 5 years which I am completely fine with. (And I want to get my masters, so basically I have lots of college left before the real world starts!)

One thing I am determined to do before graduating is studying aboard. Clemson has quite a few places to choose from, but there are only two options that are in my major. 
 Brussels, Belgium and Oxford, England. 

Without a doubt, Oxford is my first choice. It would be for Summer I and I would be studying at Oxford University which would be a dream come true.  Weekends will be free to travel and visit European cities such as London, Paris, Dublin, and Amsterdam.

 Being in England for a month is probably barely enough to see everything that I would want to see and travel to all the different places near Oxford.

Are there any places that you recommend I see while I am over there? Have you ever studied aboard before? I need any tips and advice that you have!!



Rosie Sienna said...

Camden Market in London, you can pick up some beautiful unique clothes, jewellery etc. And of course all the tourist places, the London Eye, shopping on Oxford Street, the Tower of London. There's some great museums and art galleries too, enjoy! :) x

Madilene Lake said...

I'm actually headed over to London for the semester starting Sunday!! I'll be sure to keep you posted - definitely go for it!!