Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Happy Hump Day! 

Yesterday I played graphic designer and changed a few things around on my blog (even though I didn't have the slightest idea as to what I was doing).  I am contemplating on paying to have a professional actually redesign my blog but I am kinda on the fence about it.

*For those who had theirs done professionally, is it worth it? Or do you have tips to do it on your own?*

 I figured I would throw in a WILW since I haven't done one in FOREVER!!!!

(sadly I wish I was getting married so I could do a Wedding Wednesday, that seems to be so popular in the blogosphere..but I have a few years before that will happen!)


They are so feminine and classy, I just can't get over them!

[monogrammed clutch]

I am IN LOVE! I found it as a little boutique downtown called Razzberry Fizz for $26 including the monogram and they had it ready for me to pick up the following morning! Their site is definitely worth checking out!

[this weather]

 (please excuse my smudges  on my mirror...I didn't realize how bad it was until this picutre!)

It is October and it's 80 degrees out. I wore a light J Crew sweater with J Crew skirt and a thin scarf to try to look fall-ish even though it felt like summer

[Piperlime's birthday]
yay for an additional 20%-25% off!

I am debating whether  to get these boots and this jacket:

Hope everyone has a great day!



Erin said...

Oh man oh man I'm loving the outfit! And your chevron bed even more.

Sara said...

I love the Steve Madden flats!

Lauren said...

those steve madden bow flats are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Those flats are adorable! And I love that jacket...I think you should get it!

Charlotte said...

Your outfit is adorable. Cute cute boots too! I would totally get them! Wish the weather would decide on one temperature and stay fall (without the breeze in Illinois though). Have a great afternoon!

Jessica Cai said...

those bows are adorable! great post :) followed you back dear xo jess

xo kelsey said...

Your clutch is adorable!! And I totally agree with Erin, that chevron bedding is amazing :)

Ashley said...

The clutch is adorable!! I'm going to checkout their site now. Perfect for Christmas gifts!

Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels said...

Love the monogram bag! So adorable!!! Your newest the blog!


Rebecca @ Mommy in Heels said...

Love the monogram bag! So adorable!!! Your newest the blog!


A Girls Kind of Therapy said...

I love your skirts! I have been eyeing it for a while! Great blog!