Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Instyle: January 2012

Yay for Wi-Fi at the hotel in Georgia!! 

This trip has been quite the adventure so far. We have been lost about 80% of the time and the GPS keeps taking us to dead end roads. Turns out mom didn't buy the upgrade for the Garmin so its taking us to nonexistent roads and doesn't know anything basically BUT thank goodness for atlas's!

But on the way down I was able to read my Instyle which I am shocked of how skinny this issue is ( sad face**) I was able to read it like in 45 mins.

But even with it being short it was jam packed full of great info!

So I figured I would pick out my fav tips/advice/info that I found to be useful and I hope you do too!

I have also decided that for every issue of Instyle, I will do a blog post dedicated for that month's magazine. I will just recap my most favorite tips, relay great advice, which products I have to try, etc.

So for January 2012 issue of Instyle here are my thoughts:

First of all Jennifer Gardner is just looking more spectacular as she ages

lucky duck.
When I see the cover reads "20 Most Annoying Beauty Problems Solved" or anything along those lines, I just get so excited and have to flip right to that article. I get so excited for some odd reason knowing I might just learn a tip or two that will solve problems that I never really thought of until I read the "problem"

Such as...

Hair's appear on my skin so quickly after shaving. I am thinking to myself well brunettes hair does grow when we get goose bumps so duh. I am hoping other's have heard of this and it's just not me. BUT supposely "hair gets trapped under the skins surface by dead cells. So basically exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate and you'll legs will be smoother than a babys bottom.


Then I read "Over time the packaging of my makeup looks grimy." If your like me, I throw everything into a makeup bag, brushes and all. So obviously it gets grimy and cakey with makeup but I didn't realize this was a bad thing, but turns out it is!
"Your fingers are covered with creams and oils, and that residue winds up on your compacts. You actually can transfer that residue and bacteria to your face. Ew. SOO what's a girl to do?!?! 

Wipe down your makeup compacts and disinfect makeup and beauty tools as well. They say you can wash eye shadow applicators by hand with dish detergent and water, but using a lotion makeup remover works just as well!


Problem: Hot iron burns
Solution: Silicone ear covers!! How novel is this idea. If I had a dollar for every time I burned the top of my ear I would be..well possibly a millionaire. 

You can find GlamEars here

Then I was completely flabergasted/shocked/appaled/etc. when I read part of this interview with Jennifer Aniston.

And it reads..
IS: It must be hard to deal with all the tabloids. How do you handle it?
JA: I quit smoking a few months ago and I put on a couple of pounds. Normally I'd be lke "oh my god, I gained weight!" Everyone is going to think I am pregnant! Now I just don't care."

I don't know what shocked me more. Than fact that she smoked or that fact she "put on a couple of pounds." 
 (where are those few pounds?!?!)


Also peacock blue is trending right now (via glamour.com)

I absolutely love this color! It goes so well with camel colored boots that I currently have been living in recently.


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Fash Boulevard said...

love this. thank goodness for free wifi lol. i'm loving the peacock blue. so stunning. fabulous recap, hun. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest trend report. thanks, love. xo