Friday, February 24, 2012

Camel Leather


I am currently cozied up on the couch in my favorite sweats and tee shirt with a belly full of thin crust pizza, listening to the rain and watching TV. Today the weather has been super scary with tornado watches/warnings and severe weather alerts.

Today I bought a set of dishes and glass ware for the apartment. My original plan was to find a comforter but nothing just jumped at me and said "buy me Mak!" So I bought stuff for the kitchen instead. I absolutely love cooking and baking, so I was just as content with buying kitchen goods instead of my comforter.


After lugging my gray and gold purse around today, I decided I need a new one since it should start warming up for spring here shortly! The gray is just too winter-ty and with it being in the upper 70's it is time to make a purchase! I believe I am set on it being camel leather, but who knows what I'll end up with since I am so indecisive!

Here are a few I have my eye's on:

Camel Totes

Tory Burch tote handbag
$250 -

Dooney Bourke satchel handbag
$178 -

Dooney Bourke tote hand bag
$225 -

Armani Jeans tan handbag
$220 -

Miss Sixty croc bag
$159 -

Lauren Ralph Lauren ralph lauren bag
$209 -

Satchel bag
$81 -

 Too obsessed right now!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 



Caitlin C. said...

I loveeee camel leather! The bag I'm carrying now is leather. I think I want to switch it up for spring.. maybe a straw one?! These are all adorable though!

Leslie said...

I love all of those!! I need a new purse so bad too... makes me want to go shopping.