Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend via iPhone (again!)

 Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I ate enough food in the last three days that could probably keep me full till Thursday. As much as I wanted to set snooze at 6am this morning, I forced myself to get out of bed.

Luckliy I did because I had such as a great workout! Any who, here's some pictures that I captured in the last three days:

 Finally my case came in from Lipstickshades! Love it, it's not as big and bulky as most covers which is great!

Saturday the weather was absolutely fantastic: It got to about 78 degrees! So of course I laid out my the pool and finished my book!


The sky was so blue and beautiful! When I got done, I was feeling very summer-y and made a berry smoothie!

 Saturday night we hibachi at the best Hibachi restaurant in Savannah.

Hibachi's are always fun and exciting!

 Superbowl Sunday was filled with great family, friends, and food!
Here is the view of the sunset right at kick off! It's a tad blurry because I turned to watch the kick and moved the camera :S for some reason I didn't take another picture

 Here's some of the goodies:

 (football shaped rice-krispies)

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babyskiffie said...

that is a mean iphone cover!! i miss using anything but silicones to cover my iphone. but since the screen is kinda cracked, only that thing can cover the fault. haha