Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bedding Confusion

Hope everyone is having a great week so far, it is just flying by for me. Today the weather is going to be so nice, too bad I will be stuck in an office and class all day, but hey..I will not complain :)

Well today is so exciting because I am putting a deposit down on a cute two bedroom apartment with my best friend, Lanie in Clemson for next semester!! I am so excited because everything is falling together so perfectly and I feel transferring is my next best step.

This apartment stuff has me wanting to skip class to go shopping for home goods! Thank gosh for Pintrest, I have got so many ideas that I want to try. Such as a DIY headboard!! Here are a few pictures I found that I want to steal different ideas from each and maybe throw it all together to make my room!

 Chevron stripes are a must. I think making the headboard in the material will be too much, so I like adding it to a throw pillow! Also I love the pink, orange, gray and white all together!
 Definitely getting two shams monogrammed!

 I love the blues and grays. Very relaxing and soothing which is just what I was looking to do. But somehow I do want to add some color that way it's not borderline depressing.

 I love the shape of this headboard! The mustard yellow is a tad on the bold side for a smaller room.

 I love the look of this room too. Once again chevron stripes, but shams AND a comforter are a bit much and I think I would be dizzy/get tired of seeing that many stripes. I love the end table and lamp! Too cute!

So now I am in a rut because I can't buy the fabric for the headboard until I buy a comforter to match it to. And I can't decide on a comforter because I am so indecisive and I don't know the color scheme I want to use for the room. 

I know the bedroom is a tad small so I don't want anything too bold to make it feel claustrophobic, so I am thinking more lighter and soothing colors. This weekend I might try to find a comforter just to get the ball rolling even though I have over 6 months till I move in :)

So in 6 months I will post pictures of my new room! I sure y'all are just dying and cannot wait! (hehe)

So off to do some comforter online research! If anyone knows of a super cute comforter let me know :)


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Leslie said...

I love planning a new apartment!! Making your own headboard will be so much fun, I would have a hard time choosing the fabric though. I love the pink, orange, gray and white combination in that one picture! Can't wait to see what you choose- 6 months will be here before you know it! ;)