Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Offically Summertime

Okay ladies, phew...talk about 100 lbs off my hope to be soon sun-kissed shoulders.

I had my one and only final yesterday and I didn't start studying for until 2 hours before hand. I even went in an hour early to con my professor into letting me start early..which he did.

I went through 100 question multiple choice test in less than 25 mins.

Turned it on and on my drive home realized that I forgot to write my name on my test.

So..not feeling to confident about it but I have a 100 average going into it so I think that's why I was in the "I don't care summer is tomorrow" mindset.

Here are some summer-y pictures to kick off this wonderful season!!

Does anyone have any fun plans for the summer?!



Lauren said...

summer...it cannot come soon enough!

...and as a teacher i can say that usually we will do some detective work to figure out who a "no-namer"belongs to to make sure everyone gets credit. you will be fine!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

my plans are to attempt to look like the first picture. I need to get on that.