Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Light Bulb Moment

I had such a light bulb moment today!

Many of you probably already thought of this but it just clicked for me today.

Everyday I work out with my iPhone and I have one of those things that hold it on my arm so I don't have to use my hands but it is too big and slides right down my arm no matter how tight I strap that bad boy on. So annoying. Now when I am running, I have to hold it in my hand and hold a water bottle in the's close to a circus act let me tell you.  

What's so gross is that my hands sweat perspire and gets my phone all nasty.

Also, now that it is warming up when I talk on the phone long enough, my makeup rubs/runs off on the screen protector and gets all nasty. 


While running today I remembered watching something on Dr. Oz probably over a year ago about how gross and how many germs are actually on phones.

Here is one statistic that I remembered clearly:
Cell phones have 18 times more bacteria then a toilet handle.

Yeah..that's nasty.

Worst part is it is against your face..

So I thought I need to clean my phone every time I am done working out but what to use?!?

Then I had an idea to use the makeup remover towelettes I bought a few months back! 

I keep them in my gym bag and it is so perfect! I clean my face and iPhone after each workout!

I am not sure if it is actually antibacterial but it makes me feel better anyways. Dr. Oz would probably say that I am just spreading the germs around and not cleaning them off..but hey it's better than not using anything at all!

(I did use Lysol wipes once but I think I thought they were too strong and was going to eat away at my screen protector and my case)


Well that was my most random post yet but it was on my mind and that's what this thing is..a mind dump!

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