Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekend via iPhone (again!)

I can't believe it is Wednesday and I am just now doing a weekend recap...

This summer thing has my schedule all thrown off.

Here is my weeekend via my iPhone

Friday was my big news...I was suppose to be getting a new car!!!

However that deal fell through unfortunately because the sales guy refused to even lower the price $100 my parents figured we could wait until another great deal came along. It was so sad, we even test drove it over night so I really had my hopes up about it.

But Saturday the Air Station which is a big military base here in town had a Dierks Bentley concert that was open to the public!

It was so much fun and he was so good!

Here is my bangles that I wore to the concert

So fun and summer-y!

Sunday the weather was so nice that Michael and my step dad decided to go fishing...I of course had to tag along because I wanted to lay out on the bow of the boat to tan!!

I only got one picture :(

Sunday I snapped this picture of me and Mikey's drinks!
It was just funny that I grabbed the Clemson tumbler and he grabbed the Carolina one because they are huge rivals in South Carolina. He is such a Carolina fan and I am the competition between the teams when they play is definitely fun!

And mine as well throw Monday into the cycle here since I didn't do a post

This is the only thing that got me through my miserable final that I will say that I got an A on!

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!



Lauren said...

looks like a great weekend...ah! i want to go on a boat!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Love your bangles! So perfect for summer!