Friday, May 11, 2012

My Luck with Amazon

It's finally Friday!! 

I have already worked, ran the bridge and ran unexpected errands today.

My errands had me so stressed that I went for a long much needed run over the bridge downtown.

Let me fill you in on my day so far.
 Starting with some back ground info I went to sell my books back at the University and they didn't take any of them because EVERY class is using a new edition, but the nice lady told me I could donate them.

Wrong. That's over $500 worth of books.

So I loaded them in my LL Bean tote and as soon as I got home I decided I was going to sell them on Amazon. I have never had good luck with Amazon. EVER. Every time I buy anything, something seems to go wrong. But I figured if I was the seller, it would be okay.

So I listed all my books.

Today I get an email saying someone bought a book and I was so excited! I started looking at how to ship it...come to find out I didn't realize I was responsible for shipping, so I was like that stinks because that comes from my "profit."

Then as I am looking at my account I realize someone purchased a book back in's now May.

So I was like oh S#&*!. I felt so bad, that I left work early to take it to the post office
I sent him an email apologizing that my shipping is late and that I am new at this.
I immediately printed a shipping label and took both books to the post office

I had to go to two different post offices and oh my gosh, they are so rude. I didn't realize you had to have your package already packed with tape and everything..who knew

It cost me over $20 to ship two books..that is so ridiculous.

So I get it shipped, and after my run I see an email from the guy  and this is what it says

Ahh I felt like the worst person to ever sell something off Amazon.

So I will never buy/sell off this site again because I have the worst luck everrrrr

(I feel like I could have condensed that story a tad)

Anyways, moving on to something more happier, I got a few comments on my last post asking where this tank came from

I actually found it at TJ Maxx last week for only $14.99!!

I plan on doing some shopping this weekend, hopefully I can find some more bargains like that!


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