Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bachelorette

Hello darlings!

Did everyone watch The Bachelorette last night!? I know that EVERYONE is talking about it in the blog-sphere, so I figured I mine as well put my input in as well :)

I am so nervous for Emily to tell you the truth, she really is so serious about finding love..and her odds aren't too good seeing that only like 3 of the couples who got engaged on the show are still together today.

But I will be hopeful! I just wish they had a better group of guys, here's just a few of the "odd balls"

Bless her heart, but even though their are some guys that are a tad strange, I hope she can find someone! I have never seen such random enterances, but I guess love makes you do crazy things!? 
I was rooting for Doug as soon as he said he had a son back home... I think they kinda clicked, then he gets a first impression rose, so I am definitely rooting for him!

Who are you hoping goes home with the final rose?!



Erin said...

Ryan all the way!

Caitlin C. said...

Honestly I thought ALL of the guys were a little weird (some much more so than others, though). Last night's episode just seemed so... awkward! It will be an interesting season for sure!

SHF said...

There were SO many odd men on the show - I was a bit concerned! My favourites so far is Arie and I also like Doug.