Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black Friday Outfit Inspiration

We all know what day is approaching (yes, Thanksgiving) BUT Black Friday!! Whoo hooo!
I am definitely one to partake in this event and I can't wait!

I figured I would share what would make the perfect shopping outfit because it's the worst when your shopping and your uncomfortable or annoyed by your outfit!


Here is something I threw together.
Starting from the top-bottom.
1. Minimal jewelry. Nothing like getting stuck in a chunky sweater because your earrings are snagged on the inside, embarrassing.
2. Adding a scarf is something easy and looks so put together, but if it gets in the way, throw it in your purse or tote. Wear this instead of a necklace.

3. Brings us to the purse. I always find it best to carry a tote because you can put a brush (taking tops on and off, a must because my hair looks a mess), wallet, snack (food court food is horrible) and a bottle of water to keep hydrated. By only keeping the shopping basics it's not too heavy. I do unload my purse in car before any shopping extravaganza because when your shoulder hurts from toting around a 30 lb bag it is miserable. Only take the necessities.  But also by taking a tiny little purse that only fits a debit card and possible cell phone is not every efficient/practical. Yeah your shoulder won't hurt but you'll have to eat that crap at the food court, be thirsty and your hair will be a mess.

4. Oh the top. Something lose fitting, you don't want to feel like something is clingy. This white peasant top is so simple but chic. Sweaters are great but try not to layer too too much, that will get annoying to keep taking on and off

5. First all jeggings are the best invention since..well I don't know. But they so comfy you feel like your in your pj's all day, but look super stylish. They are perfect to shop in because of comfort, but they are easy to take on and off and plus depending what your trying on, you might just get lazy (like myself) and try on a dress or skirt over them :S

6. Flats. Enough said. Flip flops..well it is winter so that's out of the question. Boots are sometimes too hard, especially if they zip up and becomes time consuming when your going from store to store. Heels are just not happening. Flat's are so easy to slide on and off and are comfy (well I obviously enjoy my comfort..)

Side note: Hair in a pony or bun. I find when my hair is down it sometimes get's in the way. If I was just moseying around on a Saturday shopping on King St, yes hair done is fine. But for BF-waking up at 2 am and straightening my hair is not happening. So yes pony, bun or braid even.

Hope this sparks some ideas for everyone's Back Friday shopping outfit!
Can't wait to hear what everyone got!


Laura said...

Totally agree-a comfy outfit is essential for serious shopping! Love this look!

Laura :)

t said...

Nice look!

LV said...

Great look! Very stylish1