Thursday, November 10, 2011

cat eye sunglasses

One day till Friday!!! Words can not express how happy that makes me. Between 2 tests, a presentation and 3 quizzes..I need some down time to say the least.

Cat eye sunglasses have been quite the trend lately. Usually I just wear big boxy sunglasses (as my boyfriend calles them, my bug eyes) and they are absolutely too big for my face, but I love them. However I knew that I wanted to find a cheaper pair just because of my history with sunglasses.

I am usually the girl that has one pair of sunglasses and wear them till I break them..that's usually around 3-4 months, if I am lucky.

I have a tendency to just throw them in my purse so the lens get extremely scratched I can't see out of them. Or I lay them in the seat of my car when I get out, so when I get back in I sit on them..happens all the time.  I have left them in restaurants, dropped them in the name it, I've done it.

it's horrible

When I was at Urban Outfitters with my best friend Lanie a few months ago  we decided we were going to get these cat eye sunglasses!

She's like my other half so it made sense to get matching sunglasses! :)
They are still big but incorporate the cat eye frame so it was love at first sight! Plus they are under $20.00 can't beat that!

Here are some other cat eye sunnies to check out!

Have a great day!

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Fashion Meets Food said...

I am loving cat eye sunglasses and have been looking all over for a pair! xo