Monday, November 7, 2011


WARNING: I am sorry for venting on my 3rd post. Forgive me for being a tad whinny today

Today I knew was going to be long and stressful.
So I figured I would start the day off right with a bowl of oatmeal with extra crunchy peanut butter and a cup of coffee.

 I also finally finished my issue of Instyle that I recieved over two weeks ago in the mail that I have not had time to sit and read.

[Actually I have a process when it comes to reading magazines.
Step 1: When I first get it I am so excited that I can't help but just flip through all the pages. I don't read a single article or nothing..basically look at the pictures.
Step 2: Read the articles from start to finish.
Step 3: Go back through with post-its and take notes of things I want to buy/try/etc.]

So it's a time consuming process and I am happy to say that I am done reading this issue of Instyle!

Then the fun starts.
I head to the library to study for my accounting test. To be completely honest taking a picture of my study-sesh never crossed my mind until now.. it was a horrid sight. I had papers EVERYWHERE and was so lost and confused to say the least.

So I take the test and it did not go over as well as I hoped. But I am going to think positively and hope for the best!

So because my day was so stressful, I am going to share a few pictures that you can't help but smile

Happy Monday!

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