Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I am Loving and big news!

I am doing two posts in a day because tomorrow is a big accounting final at 5:15. So from the time I wake up till class is over I will be consumed with balance sheets, statements of cash flows, and budget sheets. YAY!!

So here are a few things that I have my eye on and that make me so excited and happy!

Christmas lights! I absolutely LOVE driving home at night now because houses are decorated with Christmas lights!

This isn't the house (it's from Google actually) but there's this one house down the road and it looks just like this. I don't know how they don't blow a fuse or breaker.

I also love the weather lately

It's finally starting to cool down some and feel like winter!

I am loving these mirrored furniture pieces

I think these are so great because it's so simply chic (hehe)
They also really brighten up a room and will make a smaller room seem bigger.

I am loving/obsessing over scarfs lately. 

I have wore one everyday for the last 8 days.


I have officially sent in my Clemson application!!!

I'll find out in 6 weeks or so! I shall keep everyone updated as soon as I hear any news!!

Happy almost hump day!

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Fash Boulevard said...

haha. so exciting. and I'm in the same boat, a scarf every day. lol. thank you so much for the comment. The skirt is actually a dress. lol. I love turning dresses with full bottoms into skirts. You can find out how in the write up. Thanks for sharing, love. i hope you're having a fabulous day. xo