Thursday, April 26, 2012

Apartment Musings

With finals taking place, I can't help but for my mind to wonder to next semester where me and my best friend Lanie will be getting our apartment together! With that comes decorating and a bunch of DIY projects :) 

(I am obsessed with DIY anything...I love being able to make something myself instead of buying it, it just adds that special touch!)

Thankfully Lanie and I have the same exact taste,  we know we want to feel warm and cozy since it's a smaller 2 bedroom apartment. My step father owns his own cabinet business, so I already have my list made of what I need to be built to make sure this apartment is exactly what we want.  I am sure this will be the cutest apartment in all of Clemson

Here is my inspiration for themes and decorations via Pintrest of course 



Michelle P said...

I wish my place looked like this!

thecoffeehouse said...

that teal bookshelf is amazing. love teal.

Erin said...

Ahh we definitely have the same decorating taste. I LOVE that headboard!

Leslie said...

That's so lucky your stepfather has a cabinet business! Y'all will have THE cutest apartment ever!

Ashley said...

Decorating new spaces is always so fun! Great collection of images for inspiration!

Lauren said...

chevron! chevron! chevron! that is my favorite print right now. love that rug and those could probably make them yourself!