Friday, April 6, 2012

My Thursday and Friday

Sleeping in till 8:15 this morning felt wonderful!My body is so used to getting up at 5:40 every morning for the gym that it is impossible to sleep in till 9, but I hate sleeping in too late because I feel like half the day is wasted! 

But any-who..

Here's my last two days at a glance.

Yesterday in the midst of running errands, typing papers and creating power points, I stopped downtown to meet up with a close friend. A few days ago I remember reading this on Facebook:

Eat Sleep Play Beaufort is a legit source because I think it is actually done by the city of Beaufort so I knew that it had to be true.
So I hop out of the car, and the two cars beside me were on empty so I figured everyone got the memo that parking will be free for summer.


Me and the other two cars all had tickets. I was so confused because I thought it was free.

So I call the number on the back of the ticket and explain to her how parking was free and that I read it on Facebook. She put me on hold and  went and pulled the status up on Facebook where I got it. She comes back on the line and was like well I see where they said that but if you look closely it was on April 1st.

And I was like okay what does that have to do with the matter. And she was like it was an Aprils fool joke.

I just wanted to die, how embarrassing.

Long story short she dropped the ticket because she probably felt bad for my blond moment and before she hung up she said "Now don't believe everything you read on Facebook from now on."

I didn't know what to say besides thanking her and wishing her a Happy Easter.

Then I was off to the salon to get my hair highlighted for the first time ever.

I wanted to go a tad lighter but nothing too extreme because..well I was scared. I have a wedding that I am in next weekend and I knew I needed to spruce up the boring light brown color I had, so I bit the bullet and got an appointment.

Here's my OOTD yesterday

J-Crew top, Banana Republic white denim jean capris

For jewrely I kept it to a minimum with two Stella & Dot bracelets and MK watch

Today is surprisingly cool outside so jeans it was

AE dark skinny jeans, linen top to balance the jeans because hello-it is spring after-all, and old Target flats.

This weekend family is coming in from out of town for Easter and I am so excited to see everyone because it has been a few years since I have seen a few of them!

If I don't post before Sunday, hope everyone has a Happy Easter!



Jeannie said...

Love that outfit with the white top. And that parking ticket thing is so funny- totally something I would have fallen for too! Happy Easter!

shopping2saving said...

That outfit is cute and the highlights are really cute! I love highlights :)

AND it wouldn't be an April Fool's joke if no one said that it was a joke! How lame. Glad you got rid of the ticket =)

EmCain said...

absolutely LOVE that MK watch! I'm on the hunt for one myself :)

A Gluten Freestyle said...

What a nice woman to drop the ticket!! I am in love with your watch, it's absolutely beautiful.

Jamie said...

Love that white linen top w the dark jeans!

Lauren said...

Love both your outfits..very simple and chic. And the MK I have two and am looking to grow my collection!