Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh school...

I swear I am not neglecting my blog and all my followers on purpose! I am swamped but I have only three weeks of school left thank goodness and I will then resume my normal posting

I hope I can return before the weekend (which I am crossing my fingers I will find a spare moment to blog a little). If not, I'll have a lot to catch everyone up on! This weekend is my boyfriends-brother's wedding and I am one of the bridesmaids so I am excited for all the festivities to begin..Lord knows I need a relaxing weekend after these past two weeks!


P.S. To those who have tagged me in posts, commented, and newly followed I promise I haven't forgot about you! I will say though to everyone who has commented thank you so much and I love reading what everyone has to say, it just makes my day!


Leslie said...

hope things slow down for you soon!!

Madilene Lake said...

Completely understand! School and everything is crazy right now. We only have 3 weeks left too!! Good luck with everything : )