Thursday, April 19, 2012

So Sea Worthy

Hello lovelies! This last week of school is like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel since summer is so close, I can almost see it!! With summer for me comes the beach and going out in the river on the boat every weekend with family and friends.

Here's  a picture from last summer! Ahh, I am so ready!

Every now and then Michael talks me into fishing, which actually is kinda fun because it adds a little competition since I ALWAYS say I will catch the bigger fish...which I do win every time because every time there's a fish on the line, he let's me reel it actually there's not much competition but it's still fun!

Sorry for the blurry sun!

What's so fun is that my beach and ocean cravings have taken over my wardrobe as well! 

How cute are these outfits?


Let me tell you, this ring is to die for! You  can find it on my Stella & Dot website HERE ! I actually wore it today with my white shorts and navy blue blouse!

 (please note the sock bun that I finally was able to make look presentable!!)

Also, the new summer collection is available and my shipment has arrived! 

Here's a few of my key pieces!

What's also exciting is that I have my first Stella & Dot parties on Saturday, Sunday and next Tuesday! I will be a busy bee these next few days, but at least it's doing something fun and exciting and not like studying for finals or anything! Whaooooo!! I shall let y'all know how they go :)



Monica's Notebook said...

Yaaaay I am FINALLY seeing the light at the end of the tunnel too! I cant wait to be in the sun on the lake/river and just relaxxxxx, loving those outfits girl! You are SO cute!

Melissa said...

ahhh your pictures make me so excited for summer, too! i cant wait for shorts weather, tanning, boating, bahhhh! :) love the outfits, too!

Leslie said...

girl, that is a BIG fish!!! I love your summer pictures :) And those outfits are so cute... I love those fun summer colors!

Jessica said...

Love your outfit and new jewlery! Stella & Dot has some adorable stuff!

p.s. I nominated you for the versatile blogger award!

thecoffeehouse said...

i loooove all of this. you've got great style! i need a seahorse.

Allie Ruth said...

This made me SO stoked for summer!
I can't wait for sun and cute summery dresses. :)

Kim said...

this is so cute! I'm in love!

found the route