Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

Once again I am sitting in class blogging (I will pay for this come test time!!) 

I am soo excited today because my iPhone comes in today :) I had pictures on my cell phone from this weekend but I can't turn my phone on, bless it's heart...

(RIP 1st generation droid)

So it will be a picture-less post :(

On Saturday we went up to Charleston and stayed at Michael's brothers, Matt, and his fiance, Maggie's,   house. It was a low key night filled with football, burgers and beer. 

(insert picture of the dip and food)

Sunday Maggie and I went shopping for bridesmaids dresses. Mind you this is the second time we have attempted this. We went EVERYWHERE and found nothing. Who knew it would be so hard to find a short dress in my size that is champagne color.

If you know where to find a dress, let me know please!!!!

I did buy a tie collar blouse from LOFT and I love it. And the site will not let me save the picture to my computer so there is no hope for this being a pretty post with pictures!

On way home we stopped at a new frozen yogurt place and it was delicious. It was called frozen yogurt in paradise I believe and I highly recommend it.
(insert picture)

When we got back I started looking online and found the cutest bridesmaid dress from Rent the Runway

I absolutely love this site because you find a dress, pay like 10% of what the dress cost, so around $70. They will send you two sizes and you send it back in 4 days!

How great.

But I can't wait to get a dress in the mail 4 days before a wedding. I will die because I will be so worried it wouldn't fit or it wouldn't be the exact color I need but I will definitely save the site and maybe get a dress for the bachelorette party or another event!

Have you ever rented from them?


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