Monday, January 9, 2012

Danzel in Distress

Weellll this gal, let's just say didn't have the most ideal start of the week. When I got into my car this morning first thing, I took a sip of my coffee which spilled all over the front of me. But I just laughed it  off because it's typical of me to not put the lid on all the way.

Then I had a really good day at work and left for class around 2:00.

Classes were okay, today was Marketing and Financial Reasoning not too bad.

And it's when I walked out of that last class at 5 that my Monday turned sour.

I get to my car and my keys are no where to be found. Also my 1st generation droid is really taking a poo on me lately and dies every 2 hours or so and is almost dead. So I freak out and call my dear mother who knows how to calm me down and she says call AAA.

The ladies I spoke with were very nice and calming me down because I am crying and scared I won't be able to tell them my location before my phone dies, but luckily I do!

So then I sat in the dark, in a parking lot, with a dead phone I might add, waiting on AAA very patiently. And it was buggy. I thought all the mosquito's would be dead or migrated to Florida (I don't know what mosquito's do in the winter to be quite honest) since it is January. But nope, they are still here and buzzed around my little ear for a little over an hour and a half

So they came and unlocked my door and I was so happy. I was a wreck by the time they got there because I just felt so stranded without a phone so my mascara was gone, my hair was in a bun and I just wanted to get home.

Here's some pictures that I find amusing to help sooth my little soul and cheer me up!

(These are floating around in the Pintrest world so you might recongize them)

Tomorrow's post won't be such a downer, but hey..sometimes we have bad days and it's okay to vent :)


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