Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Amazon and OOTD

Happy Hump Day! 

It doesn't feel like Wednesday because we had Monday off at work but hey I can't complain about that.

Next Monday starts my Spring semester and I decided to go with Amazon instead of Chegg this semester for buying my books. I have done this once before and was disappointed because I received the wrong book and the person who shipped it wouldn't do anything about it. So I was out the money that it cost to buy that book PLUS I had to buy the book I actually needed from the bookstore and it was like 3 times more expensive. So ever since then I have went with Chegg

forgive my whining

So I figured I would give it another shot. ha
I come home today to find 4 packages with my name on it and get excited because I love getting mail!!
 The first box was the correct book and assumed at this point the last time was just a fluke and Amazon really isn't that bad.
Then I opened the next box...

And this is what I received in place of an accounting  book

It's like an off brand iPad.

Oh and I also ordered Moroccan Oil light thinking I would get the normal size bottle that I paid for but no I get this little guy.

Now I know a little goes a long way but come on I paid for the regular big bottle.

So I am done with Amazon and the only good thing I can say is that the people usually ship the incorrect things very fast to you.

Sorry for venting but sometimes it just has to be done

Now for my OOTD


American Eagle jeans, Polo Ralph Lauren button down, Michael Kors riding boots, and Urban Outfitters sunglasses

Oh and look how cold it is today

Mak doesn't do well in the cold, I am more of a summer person and will take sweating over shivering any day

Tonight is also a big night for our Tigers who are in Miami playing at the Orange Bowl game! Cross your fingers for a big win tonight! I am headed to my best friend who goes to Clemson to watch and I am baking a surprise to take over there! (I'll post a picture tomorrow!!)



Jess {The In-Between} said...

Love the outfit pics. Great boots.

StyleIDnet said...

Love your boots.