Thursday, January 19, 2012

Makeup Bag Must Haves

Phew, does anyone else think this week has just flown by?

Today was my lunch to celebrate my birthday at work (my birthday is next week but we decided this week would be best to go). We went to Wren Bistro, Bar & Market. It was so delicious, I had the southwestern salad and it was to die for! Also they brought the table one of every dessert and of course I had to sample them all..after all it is my birthday!! My favorite was the pecan pie and espresso mousse :)


So I was pondering what to post about today while doing my make-up and it just kind of hit me! Do a post on what all girls must have in their makeup bags!

So here is what I came up with:

1. First of all having a cute bag makes all the difference in the world. ShopBop has some the cutest bags!

 2. Set of good brushes. I personally use Estee Lauder brushes and always have since about 7th grade when my mom finally let me wear makeup.

Tip for those who apply foundation with a triangle sponge or fingers: The 4th brush in from the left is a foundation brush and I believe every girl needs one. You would be amazed how much foundation a sponge soaks up/wastes and how much nasty stuff gets into your pores when applying foundation with your hands. This brush applies foundation smoothly without wasting a whole bunch of foundation..and when a bottle of foundation cost $50-$70 bucks it adds up. So spend the money on  a good brush set!! (Just the foundation brush from EL is about $32 or so)

3. Mascara. I don't know one girl that leaves the house without it. I know I sure don't. I personally use two different kinds.

First I apply my Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara for volume and to make them thicker.

Then I add Neutrogena Healthy Lengths to make them longer

By far the best combination and it makes my lashes look about x3 times longer!! 

4. Q-Tips!!!! I always get my mascara underneath my eye or on top of my eye lid. Keeping Q-Tips is a must for boo-boo's and uh-oh's. 

5. A great concealer. Every now and then when some of us one of those pest-y pimples, it is necessary to have a concealer that matches your skin tone. In the winter do note to buy a shade lighter, don't try to use the same summer shade because it will be too dark and will be more noticeable then trying not to cover your pimple (and vice-verse for summer..don't wear too light)

6. A palette of eye shadows. Having a palette is so much better than having 20 different colors in separate little containers. Depending on my outfit, time of the day, etc depends on my eye shadow. By having one palette that has all the colors in one spot makes it so much easier and saves space in the makeup bag!(and I don't mean the ones that are like 2ft x 2ft that have like 200 different colors..I mean who actually uses all those??)

What must haves do you keep in your bag??


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miss andrea lee said...

I really like the makeup bags you choose. I am totally in need of a new one!