Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stepping Out of Your Fashion Comfort Zone

Ever feel like you wear the same things over and over?

Lately I have been stuck in a fashion rut and feel that I am constantly wearing the same things.
For me it is over-sized sweaters, jeans, boots and a scarf with my hair thrown back. Everyday.

It kills me to no end because I absolutely love following current trends but I am still hesitant to take bold and daring fashion fads.

Soo I decided to change it up a bit. By throwing in colored jeans that need to come out of the closet and a leather jacket that I have never worn before

Usually this isn't my look..way to rocker-esque for me. But I do have to say it was fun to try new looks and take risks!

Also I paired a leopard print skirt with a basic Polo Ralph Lauren button down, black tights and black booties. Not really a fashion risk but I would normally not pair this with a simple button-down. I would have dressed it up.

However, the risk was trying to dress down the skirt and make it more of a every day look instead of a going out look.
So this year I am going to try to be more risky and wear things I normally would not have!

Have you taken any risks lately?


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