Saturday, January 14, 2012

Monogrammed Musings

Hope all is well and everyone is having a great weekend! 

Big news in the life of Mak:

iPhone 4s is offically ordered and shall be here this week! Eek! SO excited. 
Right now I have the 1st generation Droid..and let me tell you. This phone has been through it all and somehow I managaed to never have to file an insurance claim or anything during the 2+ years I had it. Well lately the storage keeps saying it's low all the time and I have deleted every app and every picture almost and it still says that. Also the battery dies like 5 times a day. That's with me barely using it. 

Plus when I locked my keys in my car a few days ago and my cell phone was completely dead and left me stranded that was the last straw.

So it is on order and I am so estatic!

Now the main reason I did this post is about Monogramming!

Lately I have been obsessed with monogramming everything. I think it looks so polished and preppy. Here are a few pictures I found via Pintrest

 (This iPhone cover will be ordered pronto)

 My best friend gave me a monogrammed scarf for Christmas and I absolutely love it!

 I love the idea of monogramming a headboard. Definitely keeping this in thought!

 How adorable is monogramming your sash for a wedding dress? I definitely repinned this little guy!

What's your favorite piece you have monogrammed?

Have a great weekend! Time to pack for Charleston. Michael and I are headed up for the night!


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